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Look at the bottom left hand frame in your browser.  This area contains a directory tree that allows you to access information in the manual (see Fig. 1).  Initially, the sections to the manuals are closed.  If you want to expand the section, simply click on the "+" sign to the left of the section name as shown in Fig. 1 and it will expand the contents to look like Fig 2.  

If you want to collapse the contents, simply click on the "-" signs to close the respective sections and their documents. 

If you want to access a specific document, click on the heading of the document as shown in Fig 2. and the contents of the document will display in the large center frame of your browser.

Adjusting The Frames:  To adjust the size of any frame, move your mouse over the gray bar on the side of the frame.  When the indicator changes to a "double arrow," left click on the mouse and drag the side of the frame to the desired location.


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Figure 1

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There are several options to search the manuals.  Simply type in any word or sequence of words that you want to search for in the box below the word "Search" and click on the "Go" button.  This box is found in the upper left hand corner of your browser.  Please do not use any punctuation (. ! ? / * , ( ) etc.) in the search.  The search is initially set to "Exact phrase," meaning that the search will look for the documents with the exact phrase entered into the text box.  The other options are "All words" and "Any words."  The selection of "All words" will look for the documents that contain all of the words entered.  The selection of "Any words" will look for the documents that contain any of the words entered.  

The search results will be displayed in the bottom frame of your browser.  To view the pages found in the search, click on the title of the desired document listed below the search results.  The word or words found in the search will be highlighted within the text.  To find the next highlighted word, use the "Next hit" button in the top center frame of your browser.  (The highlighting and Next hit/Prev hit buttons only appear with Internet Explorer browsers and Netscape browsers 7.0 or newerNetscape 7+ users must use the "change" button to highlight the second, third, fourth..... word in a search string when more than one word has been typed in to the desired search.) 

Below is a picture of some of the returned search results for the word "heart."

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Printing:  The print button in the top center frame will print only the document, pictures and information currently displayed in the large center frame of your browser.  It cannot print more than one document at a time.  For example, page A575 and page A900 cannot be printed at the same time.  NO text or pictures need to be highlighted for the print to work properly.  To print a document, simply have that document displayed in the large center frame of your browser.  Once the page is fully loaded, click on the print button in the top center frame. The pictures in this manual are optimized for screen viewing and may not be ideal for printing.

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Video Segments

Some of the articles contain video in the .mpg format.  Therefore, in order to view these videos, you must install an MPEG video player on your computer (e.g. Windows Media Player).
Click here to download Windows Media Player.
Install Internet Explorer from our CD Manual.

The current video segments do not contain sound.

If the video does not play after clicking on the link:

A media player must be assigned to play mpeg (.mpg) files.  This must be done in order to view the video directly from the link.  In Windows Media Player, this can be done by running Windows Media Player.  Media Player is commonly found under Start, Programs, Accessories, and Entertainment menu.  Once loaded, go to the "View" menu for 6.x versions or "Tools" menu for 7.x versions, choose "Options...," then click on the "Formats" tab.  Make sure the "Movie File (MPEG)" option is checked.  Click "OK" and exit the player.  Other media players may vary on how this is done.  Check the help for your media player for further details.

The following pages contain sections of video:

A148 Dental Care

A654 Puppies - Training - 1 2 3

B90 Breeding, Pregnancy, and Whelping - 1 2 3 4

B92 Brushing and Bathing - 1 2

B105 Capillary Refill Time (CRT)

B115 Checking Hydration (Skin Tent)

B120 Cleaning-up Feces

B180 Ear Cleaning and Product Administration

B222 Expressing Anal Sacs

B224 Eye Care - 1 2

B273 Giving Injections

B540 Nail Trimming

B610 Oral Paste Administration

B612 Oral Pill Administration

B710 Restraint

B800 Taking a Temperature

B845 Tube-Feeding a Puppy

B890 Using a Stethoscope

E584 Obesity


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