Glyco-Flexģ III

Product Description: This is an oral supplement which contains perna canaliculus mussel, glucosamine HCl, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chelated manganese, vitamin C, and brewers yeast.

Indications for Use: This product can be used in dogs experiencing pain associated with arthritis and other joint problems. Dogs that are being worked, trained, or in competition will naturally have some degree of joint inflammation and cartilage damage that can be reduced with the use of this product.

Dosage and Administration:

Initial dose for the first 4 - 6 weeks:
Up to 15 lbs: 1/2 tablet daily
16 - 30 lbs: 1 tablet daily
31 - 60 lbs: 2 tablets daily
61 - 100 lbs: 3 tablets daily
101 lbs and over: 4 tablets daily

 Maintenance dose to be used after initial dose period:

If the dog is receiving more than 1 tablet, divide the dose between AM and PM feedings. The tablet may be crumbled onto food or given as a treat.

Packaging: Glyco-Flex III comes in containers of 90 and 120 tablets.

Precautions and Side Effects: It is important to follow the recommended feeding program for Glyco-Flex and use the recommendations of a local

Storage and Shelf Life: Store at a controlled room temperature.

Drug Type: O-T-C

Manufacturer: Vetri-Science