Cosequin® DS

Product Description: Cosequin is a joint supplement that contains the raw materials and nutrients that are required to allow cartilage to replenish itself. Many of the ingredients also help reduce inflammation. This product contains glucosamine HCI, chondroitin sulfate, manganese, and ascorbate.

Indications for Use: This product can be used in animals that have joint pain and inflammation. Dogs that are being worked, trained, or in competition will naturally have some degree of joint inflammation and cartilage damage that can be reduced with the use of Cosequin.

Dosage and Administration:

Pet's Weight in Pounds  Initial Administration Level for First 6 Weeks  Suggested Transition Level for Next 3 Weeks  Suggested Maintenance Level*
Number of Capsules or Tablets to Administer Each Day
AM PM AM PM Administer Anytime of Day 
Under 10  ¼ ¼ ¼ - ¼
10 to 24  ½  ½ ½ - ½ 
25 to 49  1 1 1 ½ 1
50 to 100  2 1 1 1 1 to 1½ 
Over 100  2 2 2 1 2

*After the initial 6-9 weeks of treatment have been given and a positive response is seen, the product can be given as a dietary supplement on a daily basis. This amount can be increased or decreased at any time to maintain the desired comfort level. Sometimes it is helpful to increase the amounts given 2-3 days prior to heavy workouts or competition. Continually watch the animal’s movement and attitude to ensure that it is receiving the proper amounts.

Packaging: This product comes in roast beef and cheese flavored tablets that are available in 40, 120, and 250-count bottles.

Precautions and Side Effects: Cosequin is considered very safe.

Storage and Shelf Life: Keep this product in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Drug Type: O-T-C

Manufacturer: Nutramax Laboratories