Product Description: This is a topical product that contains an antibiotic (neomycin), an anti-inflammatory (dexamethasone), and an antifungal (thiabendazole).

Indications for Use: Tresaderm can be used in situations where bacteria and fungal infections are a problem. It can also be used in the ear to help fight otitis externa (ear infections). Use of Tresaderm can help reduce the irritation and inflammation that is commonly present when these problems arise. This product should be used after a thorough examination of the ear has taken place. This can be accomplished when a veterinarian examines the ear and then observes the debris removed from the ear using a microscope. See page E182 for more information on ear infections.

Dosage and Administration: The product should be administered twice daily directly to the problem area or in the ear. When treating the ear, 5-15 drops per ear is required. Tresaderm should be administered after an ear cleansing product has been administered. When treating other skin problems, the area should be completely moistened with the solution. Treatment should not exceed 7 days.

Precautions and Side Effects: Tresaderm should not be given if the ear drum is broken. This product should not contact the animal's eye and should only be used topically. Because it contains a steroid, caution should be used when administering this product to pregnant animals. No object should ever be inserted into the ear beyond where the eye can see.

Packaging: This product comes in 7.5 and 15 mL bottles.

Storage: Tresaderm should be kept under refrigeration.

Product Type: Rx

Manufacturer: Merial

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