Otomite® Plus Ear Mite Treatment

Product Description: This product for the ear contains pyrethrins and other ingredients effective against ear mites in animals.

Indications for Use: Otomite can be used in situations where the ear is infected with mites. No treatment should be initiated until the mites are observed using a microscope. This can be accomplished when a veterinarian examines debris taken from the ear. See page E182 for more details.

Dosage and Administration: The product should be administered directly into the ear canal one time only. If necessary, a second treatment can be given in 7 days. This product should be administered after an ear cleansing product has been given.

Precautions and Side Effects: Otomite should not be given if the ear drum is broken. This product should not contact the animal’s eye and should only be used topically. If contact with the skin or eye of the person administering the product does occur, flush the area with water. No object should ever be inserted into the ear beyond where the eye can see. Do not attempt to reuse the empty bottle for other purposes.

Packaging: The product comes in 15 mL bottles.

Storage: This product does not require refrigeration and should be kept at room temperature. Keep away from heat or flames.

Product Type: O-T-C

Manufacturer: Allerderm/Virbac

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