Frontline® Top Spot and
Frontline® Plus

Product Description and Indications for Use: Both of these products are pesticides containing the active ingredient fipronil. Frontline Plus also contains (S)-methoprene. These products can be used to control fleas and many different types of ticks (brown dog tick, lone star ticks, and deer ticks). Top Spot should only be used in dogs that are greater than 10 weeks of age and Frontline Plus should only be used in animals greater than 8 weeks of age. Both products kill the adult stages of fleas and ticks, while the Frontline Plus product also kills the flea eggs and larvae.

Dosage and Administration: These products are applied topically to the surface of the skin between the shoulder blades. The products should be administered directly on the skin surface and not on the hair. Frontline comes in four different sizes for four different weights of animals:

For dogs up to 22 lbs., apply one 0.67 mL plastic container once a month.
For dogs 23-44 lbs., apply one 1.3 mL plastic container once a month.
For dogs 45-88 lbs., apply one 2.68 mL plastic container once a month.
For dogs 89-132 lbs., apply one 4.02 mL plastic container once a month.

These products should only be used once a month. The effectiveness of Frontline will not be altered by bathing the animal as long as the product has had sufficient time to dry after application (usually > 24 hrs.). Care should be taken to avoid human contact with the product before and after administration to the dog. To help avoid human exposure, latex gloves should be worn, and the tip of the plastic container should be broken in a direction away from the body.

Precautions and Side Effects: Do not use with other pesticides. If skin irritation or other problems arise with the pet, consult a veterinarian immediately. Do not reapply for at least 30 days. Frontline may be harmful to debilitated, aged, pregnant, or nursing animals. If the product contacts the skin or eyes of a person associated with the pet, immediately flush the areas with water. If accidentally ingested, drink liquids and contact poison control immediately.

Product Type: O-T-C

Manufacturer: Merial