Duramune® DA2P+Pv

(This product also comes with leptospirosis, designated as Duramune DA2LP+Pv.)

Product Description: This is a vaccine for the prevention of canine distemper (CD), adenovirus type-2 (canine hepatitis), parainfluenza, and parvovirus.

Dosage and Administration: Give a 1 mL dose IM or SQ, with a second dose in 2-3 weeks. Annual re-vaccination is recommended thereafter. Some young dogs may require a third dose, depending on their age when they were first vaccinated. See the vaccination recommendations on page A905. Immediately prior to administration, reconstitute the vaccine with the liquid provided.

Precautions and Side Effects: Allergic reactions are a possibility. See page E200 for additional information on allergic reactions. Use only in healthy animals.

Packaging: This product comes in one dose vials.

Storage: Keep refrigerated, in the dark, and avoid freezing.

Product Type: Individual vials are not labeled for use without a veterinarian.

Manufacturer: Fort Dodge

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