® (Chlortetracycline)

Product Description: This product is an antibiotic effective against Camplylobacter fetus and other bacteria. It comes in a tablet and granular form.

Indications for Use: Use as an aid in reducing the incidence of vibrionic abortion and for growth promotion and improved feed efficiency.

The tablet form is not approved for use in sheep. All forms are not approved for use in goats. Refer to extra-label drug use.

Dosage and Administration: The granular form should be mixed at 20-50 grams/ton of feed when used for growth promotion and improved feed efficiency. Feed 80 mg/head/day of the granular form to reduce abortions caused by Camplylobacter fetus (feed continuously during pregnancy). When treating bacterial infections in lambs and kids using a tablet form, a dose of 12.5 mg for animals less than 3 weeks of age and a dose of 25 mg for animals over 3 weeks of age is recommended in an extra label manner.

Packaging: The concentrations of chlortetracycline vary from product to product, so check product labeling for exact details.

Precautions and Side Effects: Few side effects are noted when used according to product label.

Milk Withholding: Not established for dairy animals.

Meat Withholding: None when the granular form is fed to sheep at label doses. Extra label use may alter the withholding.

Drug Type: O-T-C

Manufacturer: Many