Using a Stomach Pump

The C.P.S. pump can be used to pump large amounts of fluids.


Insert the pump into the mouth. Make sure it is in the proper place by feeling on the left side of the neck in this region. The end of the pump should be felt. If it cannot be felt, the pump should be removed and reinserted again.


* If the pump cannot be felt, it may be in the lungs. Never administer any fluids until the end of the pump can be positively identified. Death can result if fluids are pumped into the lungs!

Once it is certain that the pump is in the right place, fluids can be pumped into the cow.



Figure 1 Figure 2
Place a mouth speculum over the back of the tongue. This will protect the tube from being chewed on. A tube can then be gently passed into the rumen. Once the tube is in place, the air coming out can be smelled identifying the typical rumen odor.



Figure 3 Figure 4
While someone is listening to the rumen with a stethoscope, blow on the end of the tube. A gurgling noise should be heard in the rumen. This will ensure the tube is in the right place. Once it is certain that the tube is in the rumen, fluids can be pumped in or rumen juices can be taken out.


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